Play is Work

Play is Work is a pediatric developmental therapy practice for children with autism (ASD), developmental delays (PDD-NOS), and sensory processing disorder (SPD). We serve children and families in their homes, schools, and in my clinic throughout Chicago, Evanston, and the Northshore area. Our model emphasizes support for the entire family.

We serve families with special needs and children with:
- Developmental Delays
- Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
- Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
- Speech and Language Disorders

Why contact us?

Parents, teachers, and other professionals may express one or more of the following concerns:

• Immature play skills
o Includes: “wandering”, dumping toys, lining up toys, doing the same activity repetitively during play, isolation, not being able to engage peers appropriately,
o Not able to engage in pretend play

• School-readiness, educational, or academic concerns
o “Lack of Focus”
o “Behavior Problems”
o Handwriting
o Transition challenges
o Expressing emotions appropriately with adults and/or peers
o Relating to peers and adults
o Can’t sit still or has trouble participating in group activities

• Difficulty with transitions
o Home: getting dressed, brushing teeth, sitting at dinner table
o School: changing activities, following directions, waiting in line, behavior challenges
* Frequent meltdowns and tantrums

• Challenges with making friends at school
o Establishing relationships during unstructured play times
o On the perimeter of group activities
o Difficulty reading non-verbal cues
o Difficulty expressing emotions

• Integrating a child with autism (ASD), sensory processing disorder (SPD) or developmental challenges into family life
o Siblings find it difficult playing with their family member with autism
o Mealtimes are challenging
o Can’t get child to participate in family activities
o Limited programming and child care for children with challenges
o Large family gatherings are impossible for child to manage
o Extended family members don’t understand child’s unique profile
o Mom is overwhelmed with being primary ‘touchstone’ for all of child’s needs

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